New Delhi: In its new ad, Hindustan Unilever Ltd-owned soap brand Hamam is urging women to become self-reliant when it comes to their safety. Made by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, the integrated campaign is being positioned as a larger initiative by the company to help women consumers learn self-defence. The campaign is currently targeted at the Tamil Nadu market.

Titled ‘Go safe outside’, the television spot features a worried mother who is apprehensive of sending her daughter to tuition classes alone. Instead of dropping her at the classes, she decides to help her learn a lesson or two in self-defence through Silambam, an ancient form of martial art popular in the state of Tamil Nadu.

“Hamam is trusted by 8 out of 10 households in Tamil Nadu. The brand is deploying a host of interventions across multiple media to bring alive the message of #GoSafeOutside. The campaign aims to help improve the sense of safety people feel when they are outside: by raising awareness, kickstarting conversations and facilitating solutions," said an HUL spokesperson.

Apart from television, the brand will create self-defence videos on YouTube to teach self-defence techniques set in situations that women face every day. The soap’s packaging has also been tweaked to include Silambam moves with handy self-defence tips.

Hamam is also working with relevant authorities to identify locations in Chennai which have greater frequency of crimes against women. It plans to set up billboards in these locations, fitted with CCTV cameras that capture a live feed of the surroundings thus deterring miscreants. The intent is to also try and give women instant, direct and urgent access to help through an alert mechanism that reaches the authorities.

In addition to this, the activation will also have on-ground camps where the brand will visit communities and talk about the importance of self-defence.

Sukesh Nayak, executive creative director, Ogilvy Mumbai, said that the campaign idea helps the brand Hamam play an active role in making lives safer. “Hamam, through this campaign, is assuring mothers that from here on, their safety is not just restricted to their skin but also their lives just as the tagline states, ‘You Safe, Your Skin Safe’," he said.

Jayanto Banerjee, national planning director at advertising agency Hakuhudo Percept, said that Hamam’s television ad story has a great social relevance. “It will connect with the consumer although the product connect is weak and plays a side role in the story," he said. Banerjee added that the idea of printing self-defence moves for girls on the packaging is an extremely innovative idea. “It will drive home the core thought very well. The brand might have also benefited from having a hashtag or campaign tagline that would have link closer with the product or the brand category. I believe campaigns like Tata Tea ‘Jaago Re’ and Ariel ‘Share the load’ have done a convincing job of weaving the product into a social message intended to drive change," he said.