Page Turners | A dedicated book store

Page Turners | A dedicated book store

At first sight, Page Turners, the new book store on Bangalore’s MG Road, looks cosy, tidy and colourful, characteristics that are guaranteed to compel passers-by to explore the store. Page Turners, which exclusively retails books published by Penguin Books, is yet to launch officially but has been functioning quietly since the second week of April, with only a few curious book lovers walking in for a browse.

Spread over three, 550 sq. ft floors, the book store stocks best-sellers and travel guides (including Penguin Books’ Rough Guide series) on the ground floor, classics and philosophy on the second, and fiction and children’s books on the third. On the fourth floor, coming up soon, will be a space dedicated to book launches and readings. Penguin authors will be given preference but authors from other publications will be welcome too. Leave your email ID with the store and they will keep you informed about book launches and reading sessions.

Penguin, known as the publisher of literary classics, has ensured that the Classics section of the store is elaborately stocked. While most books on the shelf are paperbacks, the store can source hardback and bound versions on request. Books by other publishers comprise just 10% of the store’s contents.

Penguin Books has published over 50,000 titles, of which 15,000 are still in circulation. Page Turners stocks all the titles that are in circulation, and if you don’t find a book in the store, you can order it.

A browse through the three floors is interesting the first time, but is not likely to spring many surprises during subsequent visits since the collection is restricted to one publisher. Nor does the store have the advantage over other city book stores in terms of immediate access to new Penguin book launches. So if a Penguin book is launched in the Capital and is scheduled to reach Bangalore a couple of days later, the store will not get the book in advance.

MG Road, (next to GK Vale), Bangalore