Affordable Art

Affordable Art

New Delhi: When Vickram and Gaurav Assomull set up the Marigold Art Gallery two weeks ago, selling lithographs and original works of European contemporary art, they were a little skeptical given the downturn in the market. But they believed in their idea of affordable art and decided to go forward. Expecting to sell only around 4 works at the most, they were taken by surprise when they sold 19 pieces of their total of 25 on the opening day.

28a332f6-c9fd-11dd-9f93-000b5dabf636.flvThe gallery, located in the Claridges Hotel in New Delhi, is expecting its second collection on 15 December, which will include works from Jorg Dorings, David Kracovs, and Salvador Dali.

“We’re looking at affordable art", said Vickram Assomull, COO of the Marigold Art Gallery adding: "Mainly where people can come in and not spend too much." Pieces range from Rs2 lakh to Rs25 lakh.

The home of art promoters Tina and Manjula Singh is another destination for those looking for good art that is not prohibitively expensive. This mother-in-law - daughter-in-law team avoids the overhead costs of a gallery or expensive advertising by showing art from the comfort of their own home.

“People like the feeling of a living room, having a cup of tea, and viewing art rather than going to a gallery, paying more, and not having that personal experience", said Tina McGonagill Singh, co-owner of Nirvana.

“I felt I owed this to a lot of artists who’s voices needed to be heard", said Manjula Singh, the other owner of Nirvana.

“We thought we could have a model where we could promote artists that are wonderful at their craft, that are thinking artists, but somehow got lost in the darkness of not being known," she said.

Information about upcoming shows can be found on their website

Even as the broader art market takes a dive there are some who have found a niche in the art market and have been able to capitalize on it.