Gone are the days when our smartphones would be used only to make calls or send text messages.

Today, chances are that when you see a person peering down at his mobile phone, he will be watching a video, be it on social media or a news website. Indeed, there has been a massive shift in content consumption preferences, with 91% of consumers favouring interactive and visual content over text-based or static media.

With people spending so much more time watching videos online, especially on their smartphones, can brands take the opportunity to connect better with their customers? Can videos be used by businesses to not only amplify their campaigns, but also appeal to the emotions of the public?

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As part of the fifth edition of Brand Studio Live, eight brand leaders will dissect the theme of ‘The future of video in the age of the smartphone’.

The hour-long event will be divided into eight segments focusing on different sub-topics.

While Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, GirnarSoft, will talk about the basics of video marketing, Anjali Malhotra Nanda, Chief Customer, Marketing and Digital Officer, Aviva India, will analyze how smartphones are taking over television as the primary way in which people consume visual content.

Tarun Garg, Executive Director-Marketing & Logistics, Maruti Suzuki India, will share his views on how brands can up their ante when creating videos for the well-heeled consumer. The discussion will be followed by Sumeet Sumeet Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Info Edge, and Elizabeth Venkataraman, Executive Vice President – Marketing, Kotak Mahindra Bank, telling us about the key metrics used to measure the success of video content.

The other speakers at the event include Aashish Chopra, Vice President- Content Marketing, ixigo, Sudeep Narayan, Director- PR & Corporate Communications, Volvo Cars India, and Praveen Rao, General Manager & SVP, Censhare.

Webcast from the HT newsroom, Brand Studio Live gets the brains behind India’s leading brands to collaborate over the future of marketing.

The event is hosted jointly by HT Brand Studio and DMAasia, and is a part of the HT Brand Leadership Series, an annual property hosted under the domain of HT.com that features content around breakthroughs in marketing.

The previous episode revolved the fundamentals of building a successful brand on the internet, and featured brand masters such as Nikhil Rastogi (Citibank), Daman Soni (Wecash), and Sandeep Singh (Bira 91).

The episode previous to that looked at how brands can connect with an ever-growing vernacular digital user base. KV Shridhar (HyperCollective), Archana Aggarwal (Airtel), and Nitin Sethi (IndiGo) were some of the leaders who appeared in the show.