The smooth connect

The smooth connect

For the second month running, FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd has grabbed the top honours in Mint’s monthly television ad survey. This time, their ad film for Tata Indicom’s Plug2Surf Whiz scored the highest in both brand recall and awareness.

See: Top 12 Ads (PDF)

Interestingly though, the ad film featuring Tata Indicom’s brand ambassador, actor Kajol, ranked much lower in ad diagnostics. In terms of softer issues of enjoyment, likeability, belief and claim, the repondents ranked the Tata Indicom ad at the No.9 spot, with an average score of 81.

The top slot went to Havells’ CFL lamps, with an ad diagnostic score of 86. The ad film—set in a Tibetan village where a little boy is declared the Rimpoche (Dalai Lama incarnate), thanks to the glow of Havells’ CFL lamps—was liked by many, but it did not aid brand recall or awareness. It ranked No.16 in the ad reach index.

The survey was conducted exclusively for Mint by Synovate India, a global market research agency, supported by TV Ad Index, an ad monitoring firm. It covered 750 respondents—250 each in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Those surveyed were in the 18-40 age group, had access to cable or satellite television, and belong to the high-income groups. The scores were compiled on spontaneous recall, aided recall and likeability through computer-aided telephonic interviewing.

The top ads

Brand: Infomedia Yellow Pages

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

A shopkeeper’s assistant directs the goons robbing a store to the Yellow Pages when their gun gets stuck. The voice-over says: It’s good to help others.

Brand: I-Pill

Agency: Network Advertising

A woman mimes her worries about pregnancy to her husband as a voice-over details the benefits of emergency contraceptive pills.

Brand: Hutch Prepaid Card

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Another in the “Who doesn’t want a little extra in life" series, this clip shows a customer bullying his barber into giving him an add-on neck massage.

Brand: Bingo Mad Angles

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Some combinations work, some don’t. You can’t ‘combine’ a brother with a pop-up toaster. But Bingo’s khakra-tomato flavour? It works.

Brand:Motorola Moto Razr 2

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

A man on a train inadvertently slits a woman’s dress with his Razr. The two then duel, using their phones. The ad ends with the signature, “Hello Moto!"


Agency: RK Swamy/BBDO Advertising

Jackie Chan can’t qualify for the Olympics, but still gets there—“Easiest way to get to Beijing Olympic Games. Visa."

Brand:Bingo Premium Salted

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

A scientist puts a man through a blind test, under varying levels of duress, and he decides that the brand’s potato chips are the crunchiest, each time.

Brand: Candyman Licks

Agency: FCB-Ulka Advertising

A prospective groom, a suitable girl, a child—a naughty take on the line, “Swaad (taste) so good, bachche ban jaye (kids become) too good."

Brand: Reliance Mobile

Agency: Leo Burnett

The sponsor of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup plays on the short format game with the line: “Chote match, bade sapne (short matches, big dreams)"