Spot light | Coca-Cola

Reviewer: Titus Upputuru

With around 15 years’ experience in the advertising industry, Titus Upputuru, national creative director, Dentsu Marcom, has worked with brands such as KFC, Limca, Sprite and Honda.


The new campaign for Coca-Cola by McCann Erickson India urges viewers to look at the brighter side of life and believe in a happier tomorrow. The ad juxtaposes each negative development with a very positive one.

What did you think of the ad?

No time for pessimism: The ad urges viewers to believe in a better world

Does it help for a brand to take a more optimistic approach to life? Does it work for brand Coca-Cola?

There is so much pessimism around, why would you want more of that? News channels beam breaking news every 2 minutes. And breaking news is less about making and more about breaking. Ditto for other channels, which show broken relationships, broken homes, broken spirits. So yes, this is welcome. Coca-Cola talks about opening happiness, and this film is a testimony of that.

Which is your favourite Coca-Cola ad?

I like quite a bit of the work done by Coca-Cola. I like the happiness factory work—very fresh. People keep saying, “Is this a manufacturing space or a consumer space?" They made manufacturing so cool. I like the Coke Zero work too, where they got a tongue, a brain and two eyeballs talking. In India, I liked Aamir Khan as a farmer yanking Coca-Cola bottles out of a well. Very confident.

Among all the cola brands in India, which brand has consistently gotten its strategy right?

I think if it’s one brand that stuck to its strategy, it’s Thums Up. It has stuck to the brand premise. The only thing they changed is the brand ambassador, from Salman Khan to Akshay Kumar. I think even in that, they have been true to the commitment they made years back. Thums Up is largely about thunder, machismo and adrenalin. I remember consuming the brand as a schoolboy. And I see the brand now. The core has not changed. It’s easy to be tempted. To say, hey, let’s make our brand young and cool. But it takes a certain kind of stubbornness to say no.

As told to Gouri Shah.