Great ad, pity about the brand


Rediffusion Y&R


Another wonderful series from the brand featuring Anna with her friends. Told with trademark simplicity, with a narrative that breathes as it unfolds languidly and shot in a colour palette made familiar by the brand, here comes another winner from the guys who gave us the pug and Zoozoos.

Minor problem—it’s an Airtel series. After having done an Idea commercial last month, Airtel has now created a Vodafone series. Not satisfied with making a large number of commercials for their own brand, some of them admittedly outstanding, it seems that Airtel has now diversified into making ads for its competitors. Great work; pity about the brand.

A mildly intriguing narrative

BBH Communications India

There is an unwritten rule in some secret document available only to digital brand advertisers which decrees all their advertising must be quirky to the point of incomprehension.

Here is another example of a very watchable ad, with a great cast that includes some talented plastic poultry and a mildly intriguing narrative that ends with a giant question mark. What should one make of it? Is one meant to?


Ogilvy and Mather

Following this time’s theme of watchable-but-not-great-ads, here is another that reprises its proposition in an uneven way.

I am not sure why a new commercial was made, considering that the brand is not really trying to move forward in any significant way. The territory might once have been fresh, but with the spate of feel-good commercials from all kind of brands, there is nothing dramatically new here.

That being said, it is still an ad that connects with some bits ringing true and others bordering on the corny. The music could be better.