Filmmakers queue up to make films on Mumbai terror tragedy

Filmmakers queue up to make films on Mumbai terror tragedy


Mumbai: Even if the general mood is still sombre in the aftermath of the November 26 terror attacks in the country’s financial capital, filmmakers are queuing up to cash in on the tragedy by making a movie on it.

About 20 to 25 proposals of registration of titles related to the Mumbai attacks have already been received, Vice-president of Indian Motion Pictures and Producers Association (IMPPA), Sushma Shiromanee told PTI.

Film-makers like B Subhash, Akash Sehgal and Vijay Verma, who have applied for the registration of titles, are awaiting for approval from IMPPA, Shiromanee said adding that the organisation took atleast one month to approve the titles.

“When titles are registered, we do not know whether film-makers will commercially cash on the tragedy or make a sensitive film on the effect the tragedy has on the lives on the people. It is upto the filmmakers on how they present the subject," she said.

Shiromanee said making films on real life incidents was not a new phenomenon. “This year there have been films like ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan´,’A Wednesday’,’Shoot on Sight’ while earlier we had ‘Parzania´ and ‘Black Friday´," she said.

However, according to trade sources not all titles registered by the filmmakers are made into films.