Indian-origin teen to direct Finnish film

Indian-origin teen to direct Finnish film


Helsinki: After a brief flirtation with politics, a teenager of Indian origin, who contested parliamentary elections in Finland earlier this year, is ready to direct a fantasy film and is seeking distributors in India.

Alisha Hasan, 19, who describes herself as a “citizen of the world" and is a fan of Bollywood director Ashutosh Gowariker, said: “I see films as an important medium to convey my politics. I campaigned against the high taxes in the country and against the increased role of unions which affect our businesses adversely.

“But with films, I can raise so many more issues. I think being a filmmaker makes me a more complete person," she told PTI.

The going was not easy for Hasan when she contested polls on a Centre Party ticket. “I bagged about 200 votes. All my friends voted for me. But this anti-foreigner angle was very obvious. I got told that I should go back where I came from."

The day when counting was on, Hasan surprised many by quitting the Centre Party and joining the Right Wing Coalition. “I had been thinking about that (changing party) for months. I knew that if I had to get ahead in politics, there was no other choice than to join the Right Wing Coalition, from which I had an offer," recalled Hasan, who took the plunge into politics when she was just 15.

Hasan, who is looking for Indian distributors and is in talks with IDream Productions (“Bend it Like Beckham") for her film, said, “I have written to some people in India. But at this stage I cannot disclose names."