New Delhi:, a Hyderabad-based start-up that provides affordable digital content, launched on Thursday an augmented reality app that enables users to take a selfie with Indian spaceship Mangalyaan, which is due to land on Mars next week.

The Smartur app, which can work on Android and iOS mobile devices, will provide users a platform to experience and participate in the space programme milestone, the arrival of the Mars Orbiter on the red planet on 24 September.

The app will facilitate an almost real experience of seeing the Mars Orbiter along with its environment. “This is made possible through augmented reality (AR) that allows one to experience the next level of virtual imaging, which transports characters or elements into their world," said the start-up, which was started by Trendyworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd as an educational initiative.

“India’s space programme will achieve its most significant milestone when Mangalyaan reaches Mars next week. And to celebrate this achievement, we thought it imperative to first provide a platform for people to understand this significance in order to be able to (take) pride on it," said Neeraj Jewalkar, founder and chief executive of “This is how the Mangalyaan App and Mangalyaan and Me took shape. This would be the first of its kind initiative where common citizens of the country can actually be a part of ISRO’s milestone."

The Mangalyaan App will be available on Apple’s App Store from 21 September.