WC final viewership smashed all records ; 67.6 mn watched it

WC final viewership smashed all records ; 67.6 mn watched it

New Delhi: India and Sri Lanka cricket World Cup final smashed all previous records for television viewership with 67.6 million viewers watching it for more than four hours, rating agency Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd (aMap) claimed on Sunday.

The match got ratings of 13.7, which is the highest for any event so far and when the winning moment arrived, the ratings peaked to 21.44, the rating agency said in a release.

An inspired India late on Saturday regained the coveted World Cup after 28 years as they suppressed Sri Lanka with a six-wicket victory in a nerve-wrecking final played at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

“Yesterday’s viewership broke all records. Every Indian was glued on to TV to see the big win! 64 per cent of homes (C&S) were watching the game. The match was on for an average of 4 hours in every household. Ratings peaked towards the end of the match when India held the World Cup," said Jiniti Shah, vice-president aMap.

“Advertisers can celebrate along with Team India. Viewership increased almost 4 times yesterday. Until the quarterfinals, India’s matches had an average rating of 3.7. Quarterfinals saw it increase to 5, semifinals 11 and yesterday’s big win made it 13.6," Shah added.