I don’t need publicity to promote my film, says SRK

I don’t need publicity to promote my film, says SRK

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who returned from the US on Tuesday after an "ordeal" at the immigration at Newark airport, described the incident as "no big deal" and said he will go there again if work demands.

Khan, 43, said that he did not expect any special treatment because of his celebrity status but found his detention and questioning at the airport in New Jersey "strange and irrelevant".

“I’m not angry about the incident but it was embarrassing. The questions asked by the authorities were strange and irrelevant," Khan said during a press conference at his home ‘Mannat’ in Bandra.

The actor, who had earlier told fans that he did not feel like stepping again on American soil, said that he would visit the country if work required him to do so.

“I will go to the US when work demands but I will limit my travels.

Returning to India, the actor dismissed allegations that the controversy, which triggered outrage among his millions of loyal fans, was created to promote his next film, My Name Is Khan.

The movie deals with the experiences of Muslims in the US after the 11 September 2001 attacks and tackles the contentious issue of racial profiling.

“It’s not a publicity stunt. It’s not about my upcoming movie. I know that the media has made it an issue," Khan told a news conference in Mumbai.

The Om Shanti Om and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge star said that he was detained for two hours at Newark Liberty International Airport near New York.

The actor claimed that he had been held and questioned due to his name.

But US officials said he was kept waiting for just over an hour until his luggage, which had gone missing, was located.

Washington’s ambassador to New Delhi tried to placate Indian fury, insisting Khan was a welcome visitor to the US.