“Hot” temper: Pakistan may pull out from hockey, squash events

“Hot” temper: Pakistan may pull out from hockey, squash events

Karachi: In a tit-for-tat response, Pakistan is likely to pull out its teams from upcoming sporting events in India, who decided against touring their country for a cricket series citing a diplomatic stand-off following the recent Mumbai terror attacks.

Pakistan’s Federal Secretary of Sports Ashraf Khan has described the situation as “so hot" and said it was not advisable for the players to tour India in the current circumstances.

Pakistan is scheduled to take part in a four-nation hockey series to be played in Chandigarh and Jalandhar next February after its squash team has a chance to defend the Asian junior title in Chennai on 16 January.

“Allowing our squash and hockey players to leave for India will be too risky at the moment as the gravity of the situation does not allow us to send our sports teams there," Ashraf was quoted as saying in the Dawn.

Asked if security was a concern or it was a tit-for-tat response, Ashraf admitted that it was in reply to India scrapping its cricket team’s tour of Pakistan.

“The situation is so hot that I don’t think it will be advisable for Pakistan team to tour India, particularly when Indians have refused to come to Pakistan. So, we have to look at that but yes, we have not taken final decision," he told a television channel.

“We have to take into account our foreign office, we have to take into account our political leadership and after that we will decide, but my personal view is that at present atmosphere is not conducive for such events," Adhraf said.

Ashraf said the final decision would be made in a day or two.

When pointed out that England cricket team did not face any security problem, Ashraf said “there is difference between the English team and Pakistan. You know the hype and relation between Pakistan and India is different from England and India."