Bob Dylan’s protest anthem to be used in advertisements

Bob Dylan’s protest anthem to be used in advertisements

London: In a move that is sure to shock millions of his fans rock legend Bob Dylan has given the go ahead for his song ‘Blowin in the wind’ to be used as the soundtrack in a series of supermarket advertisements.

The song which became an anthem for millions of civil rights and anti-Vietnam war protesters in the 1960’s and 70’s is one of the world’s best-known protest songs. More recently the song was used in the anti-Iraq War movement

But now the iconic song which was inducted into the Grammy ‘Hall of Fame’ in 1999 will be used in the UK’s Cooperative Group’s commercials, giving way to criticism that Dylan has sold out his spirit for financial gain, reported Daily Mail.

But his record label claimed that the singer has taken into account the company’s adherence to ethical guidelines on environmental impact, fair trade and social responsibility before making the decision.

Mike Smith, UK managing director of Columbia Records, said: “It is rare for Bob Dylan to license his recordings to TV ads.The decision to do so with the Cooperative and Blowin’ in the Wind shows a willingness to embrace fresh ways of reaching a new audience through an ethical and fair trade organisation."

Sixty seven year-old Dylan is a living counter culture icon who shot to world wide prominence in the 60’s with his songs that were a sharp critique of existing social and political establishments.

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