Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Colgate still smiling, but IPL makes a mark

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Colgate still smiling, but IPL makes a mark

Although the top television advertisement for February was a toothpaste commercial by Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd, a clutch of ads on the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament and a campaign to save India’s endangered tigers garnered six of the top 15 slots, according to the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey.

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The survey, conducted by Synovate India and supported by ad monitoring firm TVAdIndx, covered 766 respondents from high-income groups—265 in New Delhi, 250 in Mumbai and 251 in Bangalore.

A series of advertisements for IPL that promoted the fervour associated with the Twenty20 cricket tournament were ranked third, fifth and ninth. The commercials featured cheerleaders taking cues from fans in the stands, reunited lovers and a fan yelling for sixers, respectively.

Another series of ads on a public awareness campaign to save the 1,411 tigers still surviving in the Indian wild were placed 12th through 14th. One of the series showed a tiger cub waiting for its mother to return. A shot is then heard, implying the tigress has been killed.

A commercial for mobile phone operator Idea Cellular Ltd ranked second, the spot it occupied the previous month as well. The top-ranking ad of Colgate Active Salt touted the toothpaste as good for all-round dental protection.

A Coca-Cola commercial by McCann Erickson was found interesting by our expert Santosh Desai, chief executive of Future Brands. “After a very long time, a Coke ad with bite," says Desai. “Compared with the drippy my-mummy-makes-best-food ad that was on air till recently, this one has a whiplash sweetness to it, an effortless swagger that makes the brand relevant and contemporary."

All the top 15 ads, however, failed to score more than 82 on ad diag-nostics, which helps advertisers understand how successful their commercials have been in breaking through the clutter.

In the likeability factor, none of the commercials managed to score more than 88%, compared with the top five ads scoring 90% and above in December and the top three ads scoring 100% on this measure in November. The top likeability score in January was 82.

1. Colgate Active Salt

Rediffusion Y&R

A man standing at the check-out counter in a supermarket grimaces in pain after biting into a chocolate. Actor Lara Dutta, who is behind the counter, transforms into a reporter and asks him if his toothpaste contains salt. She recommends Colgate Active Salt toothpaste, saying it provides allround dental protection.

2. Idea

Lowe Worldwide

A woman is playing a game, throwing paper balls into the dustbin; the next scene, symbolically, has trees falling. An animated tree (actor Abhishek Bachchan) realizes what could save them: cellphones. The idea catches on, the woman is shown playing the same game on her phone. And the trees grow back. Tag line: What an idea, sirji.

DLF Universal, IPL

Ogilvy and Mather

The ads for the DLF Indian Premier League showcase the fervour associated with the tournament. At No. 3 is the ad of cheerleaders taking dancing cues from fans in the stands; at No. 5, an ad that reunites lovers; and at No. 9, an ad that has a female fan yelling for sixers as a match moves towards a nail-biting finish.

4. Thums Up

Leo Burnett

A woman, hanging from a rope, steals actor Akshay Kumar’s Thums Up bottle. Kumar climbs up the building and gets his bottle back. The woman steals his Thums Up again. This time, Kumar chases her on a motorcycle. He throws a pot at her. She catches the pot to save herself, but drops the bottle in the process. Kumar catches it. Tag line: Taste the thunder.

6. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

Ogilvy and Mather

Two Bharatanatyam dancers, just about to go on stage for a recital, decide to have Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk chocolate. The two are soon lost in their enjoyment, much to the bewilderment of a third dancer waiting for them to join her on stage. Tag line: Have you felt Silk lately?

7. Tata Indicom Walky

Ogilvy and Mather

An animated duck couple wait for their egg to hatch. When it finally does, a baby duckling comes out and goes “mama". The couple is all smiles. But another duckling follows. And the next shot is of the mother duck scolding the father. The idea: Some conversations are short, others longer. Tag line: Suno dil ki awaaz (Listen to your heart).

8. Coca-Cola

McCann Erickson

It’s a hot summer day, actor Imran Khan is travelling in a bus when he notices fellow actor Kalki Koechlin. Koechlin takes an imaginary Coke bottle from a billboard and offers it to Khan, who glugs it down. Koechlin is upset that he has emptied the bottle. But Khan has a surprise: He takes out a Coke bottle from his bag. Tag line: Open Happiness.

10. Slice Mango


Actor Katrina Kaif and her friend are on a boat when the friend challenges her to a game to see who will blink first. He opens a bottle of Slice to entice her. She drinks it and closes her eyes as she relishes the taste of pure mango juice. Her friend smiles and says she has lost the bet. Tag line: Aamsutra, pure mango pleasure.

11. Airtel SMS


Actor Sharman Joshi is in the library, copying quotes from 1001 Love Quotes and sending them as SMSs to a girl. His friend teases him, saying the trick won’t work, but soon enough Joshi gets an SMS from the girl. Encouraged, Joshi picks up a copy of Classic Love Poems. Tag line: Baat karne se hi baat banti hai (Communication makes things happen).

Aircel-World Wildlife Fund

This ad series has celebrities endorsing the Save Our Tigers initiative, and encouraging viewers to show their support by blogging, SMSing, etc., to save the 1,411 tigers in India. At No. 12 is actor Suriya. Footballer Baichung Bhutia is at No. 14. And No. 13 shows a two-month-old tiger cub waiting for its mother to return. A shot is fired, indicating poachers have got to the tigress.

15. Cadbury Perk Glucose

Ogilvy and Mather

A teenager rushes to college on his bicycle. After classes, he rushes back to his bike, racing with a running train, carrying his bike across a crowded stadium, only to reach a concert to play the drums. A little out of breath, he takes a bar of Perk Glucose for energy. Tag line: Sapnon se tu race laga le (Chase your dreams).

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