On the spot | Some commercials worth discussing

On the spot | Some commercials worth discussing

Thums Up

Leo Burnett

Just the right time to do this. After showing us the 17 different ways in which actor Akshay Kumar can leap over/dive from/narrowly dodge different modes of transportation, the brand takes a break and begins where the other ads end.

The result is a commercial that is just a wee bit cocky, but the brand has earned it. Of course, the Akshay Kumar charm helps.

Too anxious to be noticed

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Ogilvy and Mather

A decent effort this time, even if not close to the highs reached by this brand in the past. The story is a bit contrived, but warm enough to work. The chocolate-as-mithai strategy continues to be a good idea, but the insistence on showing massive hunks of chocolate does weaken the effect somewhat.

When was the last time someone offered you a fistful of barfi ? Also, the insistence on draping so many characters in the brand colours is baffling.

For a brand that is the undisputed leader and enjoys so much recognition and goodwill, and one which runs ads where the chocolate is, in any case, featured very prominently, to be this anxious about being noticed is strange. People do not wear purple clothes that often. Thank God.

Remarkably silly, incredibly lame

Domino’s Pasta

Contract Advertising

Now, who hasn’t looked for pasta all over town, only to be mugged and have one’s car zapped by lightning?

The trouble with exaggerated ads is that when they flop, they do so with an exaggeratedly loud thud. And is that all Domino’s has to say about its pasta—that it is possible to order it on phone? Remarkably silly and incredibly lame.