San Francisco: The Apple Keynote on Wednesday was more about the iPhone, but fortunately for us, that wasn’t the only focus. The Cupertino-based company focused on the Apple Watch as well, and pulled a rabbit out of the hat with its Nike partnership. Here are some of the important points that matter in the bigger scheme of things.

iPhone gets better optics

Apple has improved the camera capabilities of the two iPhones, the 7 and the 7 Plus considerably, at least on paper.

While Optical Image stabilization (OIS) becomes available as standard across both iPhones now, the biggest change is the switch to the dual 12-megapixel camera set-up on the bigger iPhone. This will potentially mean better detailing and depth in photographs that you click, and with Apple’s robust software working in the background, this could perhaps be the best dual camera deployment we have seen in smartphones so far.

Correcting the storage bit

For long, iPhone owners and potential buyers had criticized the 16GB version for the fact that it would fill up very quickly. Finally, Apple has corrected this long overdue shortcoming by giving a 32GB storage option as the entry-level spec, and has done away with the 16GB variant completely. Also, not existent in the current line-up is the 64GB version, and it jumps straight to 128GB and 265GB. Now, you can click photographs without restrictions!

Colour matters

The iPhone 7 will be available in black and jet black versions, as well as rose gold, gold and silver. The space grey version has been removed, and the two black variants are the alternatives, depending on whether you like the matte or the glossy finish.

End of an era

It has now been confirmed that the iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. The EarPods earphones are now updated for the Lightning connector port on the iPhone, and will ship with your iPhone. For your existing headphones, there will be a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter as well, which will be available with the iPhone as a part of the box pack.

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Time flies

The Apple Watch Series 2 was, in some way, expected to be announced. The new Watch variant runs a more powerful processor, along with a display that is brighter, built-in GPS capabilities for tracking your running/cycling/jogging/hiking routines better and is now also waterproof.

While the Watch OS3 also brings in a bunch of improvements to the apps and overall useability, those who may consider buying the first-generation Apple Watch even now will be able to take advantage of the updated processor, which will mean better performance.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is priced upwards of 32,900, while the first-generation Watch will be priced upwards of 23,900. The new Watch will arrive in India in late October.

Apple Watch, with the Nike touch

What was genuinely a surprise through was the Apple Watch Nike+ Edition—it has the Sport band which is better built for heat and sweat management, as well as being lighter around the wrist. The Apple Watch Nike+ will be available in two sizes—38mm which is priced at 32,900 onwards and the 42mm variant which will cost upwards of 34,900. It will be available in India from late October.

Updating the experience

Apple focused a lot on updating the existing line-up of apps. The iWork productivity apps suite, available for Mac, iOS and on the web, will get the ability to allow multiple users to work and edit the same document. This brings the apps at par with the likes of Google Docs, and remains free to download and use.

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