Social media apps are fun but they also have a fair share of features which can be annoying for many. Remember that last active status feature on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger which allows your contacts to see when you were last active on the respective social media apps. Now Instagram has joined the bandwagon with a similar feature, called Activity Status. It has started rolling out on both Android and iOS apps of Instagram with the latest update.

Unlike WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Instagarm is more like a photo blog, where one can share photos with friends and followers. The option to chat and share files in private with individuals was recently added with the Direct feature. The new Activity Status feature is a part of the Direct section. You can access Direct by swiping right on the homepage and the list of friends who have been chatting with you in past will show on the next page.

Here, you can now see the last active time of every user you have been chatting with right under their username.

Though active by default, this feature is not a major privacy risk like the SnapMap feature in SnapChat, but can be annoying and may affect your social life if you do not reply to your friends messages.

The good news is that Instagram is providing user the option to hide their activity status, just like in WhatsApp. To disable this feature, go to Settings and scroll down to Show Activity Status and tap on the toggle button from blue to white. This will prevent anyone from seeing your activity status anymore.