New Delhi: After winning hearts with its ‘Fuelled by Love’ campaign where a loving grandmother who happens to be travelling on British Airways invites a young air hostess to her home to experience true Indian hospitality, the London-based airline is back with another tear jerker.

Targeted at free-spirited and adventurous young Indians the three-minute long campaign made by OgilvyOne Worldwide New Delhi, pitches London as the ultimate travel destination which offers a wide variety of experiences. The film is seen through the eyes of a young man from Chennai who discovers his grandfather’s journal which talks about his adventures in London. As the film progresses, the viewers are taken on a journey in which the protagonist relives his grandfather’s time in London, eventually discovering a city he did not know. Blending nostalgia with youthful exuberance, the protagonist savours London from a new perspective.

“The campaign positions British Airways as the catalyst of unforgettable experiences, adventures and making memories. The creative had to connect both rationally and emotionally with India’s younger population. The idea came from the insight that today’s Indian travellers are more travellers than tourists, and London as a destination has something to offer to everyone on a holiday in the city," said Robert Williams, head of sales-Asia Pacific and the Middle East, British Airways.

The airline has been operating flights between India and the UK for more than 90 years. It currently runs 49 flights per week to India. “We have seen a strong surge in demand for international travel in India fuelled by the burgeoning middle class with its massive purchasing power who opt to travel out of the country for leisure and business. India is one of the largest markets for British Airways outside of the UK," said Williams.

The ongoing advertising campaign is a part of the larger objective of the airline to raise awareness about the value fares that the airline has to offer to experience London.

Abhishek Gupta, senior creative director, OgilvyOne Worldwide New Delhi said, “No matter how many London stories you have heard, there’s always one that you haven’t because that story is for you to discover. And choosing to fly British Airways is the best culmination to any story about London. Indians have been flying British Airways for generations therefore the challenge was to create a film that captures both these facets."

The digital film is being promoted on British Airways’ social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and run alongside print, digital, outdoor and social media campaigns till 20 May.

Talking about the British Airways communication strategy Ayan Banik, head–brand strategy, Cheil India, noted that the airline is cleverly following the age-old mantra of classical advertising ‘Get them to buy. Don’t sell.’ “Every story is a British Airways story (with seamless product and feature integration) from start to finish, without any frame every shouting about product features. Therefore, it heightens the pleasure of watching these pieces of communication as human stories rather than brand ads," he said.

Banik added: “All the imperfections in terms of dialogue delivery, emotions and tears added up to the reality of the stories and the experience. To my mind, the last two campaigns (Fuelled by love and the current Discover the London that you don’t know) are all too perfect, staged, and nice looking. So while they are great stories, they score low on the real, believability a bit as compared to the earlier pieces of work," he added.