Every major ICC event is accompanied by a swarm of cricket games. Circle of Cricket is the first cricket game revolving around the ongoing ICC World T20 tournament. It has been developed by Noida-based developer MoongLabs and is currently available for Android smartphones and tablets. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store but in-app purchases range between 60 and 300. The game developers are also working on an iOS version.

Quality graphic, small game size

The game offers a Twenty20 tournament mode, quick match mode and a one-day mode. However, the funny bit is that a user can only play as India or Pakistan until the two teams play against each other at Kolkata on 19 March, post which all other teams will be unlocked and the full game will be available. In terms of longevity and game modes, this game stands nowhere near the likes of Real Cricket 2016 and Cricket Captain 2015, because it just focuses on the T20 format.

The graphics are brilliant. Players look almost like their real world counterparts and the overall game looks as detailed as the ICC Pro Cricket 2015, which is one of the best looking cricket games for smartphones. The game allows you to adjust graphics quality and detailing so that the game can run smoothly on low-configuration devices.

The game’s file size after installation is 108MB, which is quite low compared to the ICC Pro Cricket 2015 which takes up more than 500MB of space after installation.

Challenging and fun to play

What impressed us most is that it is one of the few mobile-based cricket games that uses swipe gestures to play the shots and not a complicated combination of on-screen keys to play a lofted shot, a defensive shot or a normal shot. Here the longer you drag the swipe the more power it gives to the stroke and the higher and farther the ball will carry. For defensive shots, a small swipe will do the job. The gameplay is tough and beating an opponent is not easy. It is a single player game and runs offline which means you can play it without interruption while travelling in an underground metro train as well.

To add some uniqueness to the game, the developer has added a flurry of unique cricket shots such as Dilscoop, helicopter shot, reverse sweep and bowling tricks like doosra, googly, yorker and carrom ball. These are limited but purchasable. You can get them for in-game coins which cost between 60 and 300.

Is it worth downloading?

The good bit is that the developer has not tried to force the in-app purchases upon users. You can play the game without paying a dime, and still get a rather involving experience. However, buying would make things easier for you as you would have access to those extra shots and bowling options that can win you close matches. Also, the game offers a few coins for free everyday in the form of daily rewards. You can also earn free coins by watching media content in the game. This is a must download title for causal gamers who are cricket fans. For more serious gamers, Cricket Captain 2015 is still the best game on mobile devices.