Fails, bloopers, howlers, call them what you want, who doesn’t love watching a goalkeeper make a mess of things in his own box (or outside, in some cases). Last night, the Champions League saw all sorts of goalkeeping errors, the worst of which featured Arsenal’s Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina putting the ball into his own net. The English side were tied 1-1 against Olympiakos before Ospina’s own goal gave the Greek visitors a shock lead. Olympiakos went on to win the match 3-2, leaving the Gunners’ hopes of progress in serious disarray.

If anything, Ospina, who had a good debut season for Arsenal last year, can take heart from some of his colleagues, who over the years have given us some moments to remember, or forget, depending on which side you’re on. Here are the 11 worst goalkeeping errors of all time:

Laurent di Lorto (France vs Italy, 1938 World Cup quarterfinal)

Let’s go back to 1938, when France and Italy met in the quarterfinals of the World Cup at the Stade Olympique de Colombes in Paris. Di Lorto, the Marseille goalkeeper, was in goal for France and right in the ninth minute, he appeared to gift a goal to Italian Gino Colaussi, who took a shot on goal. Di Lorto should have caught the ball, albeit awkwardly flighted, but instead, he punched it into his own net. To much hilarity, just as he punched the ball, he smacked his face on the goal post. While France’s Oscar Heisserer equalized in the very next minute, a brace from Lazio’s Silvio Piola sealed the win for the would-be world champions. Here’s the footage of the match, with Di Lorto’s howler coming up around the 57th second.

Rene Higuita (Colombia vs Cameroon, 1990 World Cup)

One of the more eccentric goalkeepers to play the sport, the Colombian was rightly nicknamed ‘El Loco’ (translated to ‘The Madman’ or ‘The Crazy One’ in Spanish). Higuita, known for his incredible acrobatics inside his box, was the quintessential showman on the pitch, with the stunning ‘scorpion kick’ against England in 1995, among his memorable moments. However, a few years ago, in the 1990 World Cup against Cameroon, Higuita had a stinker. Playing almost as a sweeper, nearly 25 yards in front of his goal, Higuita lost the ball to Roger Milla who ran with the ball and by the time Higuita chased him down and put in a last-ditch challenge, the Cameroonian legend had already slotted in the game’s only goal. That mistake proved costly, as it knocked Colombia out of the World Cup, and Cameroon went through to the quarterfinals. Higuita would later describe his moment of madness as “a mistake as big as a house".

Robert Green (England vs USA, 2010 World Cup)

You can’t leave Green out of the list, can you? In their World Cup opener against the United States at Rustenberg, England got off to a dream start with captain Steven Gerrard scoring in the very fourth minute of the match. The US got into the game a lot more post the Gerrard goal, and their efforts came to fruition in the 40th minute when Clint Dempsey, then with Fulham, took a shot on goal from 25 yards that Green (or any goalkeeper) would have claimed eight times out of 10. Except this time, he failed to claim the ball, and it rolled back into his own net. England 1, United States 1, and that’s how the match ended.

Fabian Barthez (Manchester United vs Arsenal, 2001)

Another member of the eccentric goalkeepers’ club, Barthez signed for Manchester United in 2000, following his success in the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 Euros, both of which France won. At the time when the Manchester United-Arsenal rivalry was at its absolute peak, Barthez chose Highbury as his theatre of nightmares. In November 2001, with the tie in the balance, Barthez made two errors in the last 10 minutes, the first of which included a misplaced clearance straight to countryman Thierry Henry, who just placed the ball into an empty goal. Five minutes later, the Barthez blunder struck again, this time coming off the line and dropping the ball to Henry’s feet, who again, ruthlessly put it away. In a matter of 10 minutes, after two Barthez howlers, the scoreline read Arsenal 3 Manchester United 1.

Khalid Askri (FAR Rabat)

Former FAR Rabat goalkeeper Khalid Askri turned into an overnight YouTube sensation, after his fail in the 2009 Moroccan Throne Cup semifinals against Maghreb Fez. Askri conceded a penalty, which was taken by the opposition striker. Askri guessed right and dived to save the penalty, but the fail happened after he celebrated immediately after his save, which made the ball spin and trickle back into his goal. If that was embarrassing, a few weeks later against KAC Kentira, Askri failed to control a routine ball on the edge of his box. An opposition player pressed him, putting in a slide to steal the ball off his feet and send it goalwards. After conceding that goal, Askri ran off the pitch in apparent embarrassment.

Barbosa (Brazil vs Uruguay, 1950 World Cup final)

Not as comical as some of the others in this list, but Barbosa’s error against Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup final is considered nothing short of a catastrophe in Brazil. Barbosa played his hand in Alcides Ghiggia’s famous goal that clinched the World Cup for Uruguay, at the Maracana. In the 79th minute of the match, Ghiggia dribbled past the left-back Bigode. Barbosa, anticipating a cross into the box, came off his line and made his way to the near post, and Ghiggia scored the winner past the diving Barbosa. The match, which was dubbed the ‘Maracanazo’, would condemn Barbosa to misery for the rest of his life. Dubbed as the scapegoat for Brazil’s stunning defeat that day, Barbosa would die penniless in 2000.

Oliver Baumann (Freiburg vs Hamburg, 2013)

Quite the triple-clanger, as they say. It couldn’t get any worse for Freiburg goalkeeper Oliver Baumann, whose three errors contributed to his side’s 3-0 defeat against Hamburg in October 2013. The Freiburg captain played his part in all three goals, the first of which came in the 37th minute—a long-ball that saw Baumann come out of his goal line, only to see the ball bounce two feet over his head, which let Maxmillian Beister slot the ball comfortably into the empty net. The second of his clangers, came right after the break, when Baumann repeated his feat, racing out of his line to close down Pierre-Michel Lasogga. Indecision took over, and while Baumann did end up in his area to catch the ball, he managed to spill the same after some juggling, only to find it on Lasogga’s feet and with an open goal in front of him, the latter made no mistake. The last of Baumann’s mistakes came in the 63rd minute, when he failed to catch a long-range shot, spilling the ball to Dutchman Rafael van der Vaart’s feet. Easy pickings for van der Vaart, a night to forget for Baumann.

Massimo Taibi (Manchester United vs Southampton, 1999-2000)

A list of goalkeeping fails is incomplete without this monumental goof-up by Manchester United’s Massimo Taibi. Taibi, who briefly played for United, featured in a six-goal thriller at Old Trafford against the Saints. His gaffe came at a time when United were leading 2-1, and Taibi let Matthew Le Tissier’s rather weak shot dribble underneath his body and cross the line. In fact, after Le Tissier took the shot from 25 yards, the BBC match report said, he “turned away in disgust when Taibi allowed the ball to wriggle through the arms, under his body and then trickle over the line". Taibi soon lost his place at Manchester United, and returned to Italy the very next year, signing for Reggina.

Marc-Andre Ter Stagen (Germany vs US, 2013)

Ter Stagen, then a promising goalkeeper at Bundesliga club Borussia Monchengladbach, was chosen for Germany in a 2013 summer friendly against the United States. Just minutes after the Americans had scored through Jozy Altidore, some impressive pressing on a German goal kick, drew an innocuous error from Ter Stagen. The goalkeeper first passed the ball to the center-back, who under pressure from the forward line played it to left-back Benedikt Howedes. Howedes, also coming under pressure, played a backpass to Ter Stagen, who simply misjudged the pass, and let the ball roll into his own net. The US went on to win that game 4-3. Ter Stagen moved to Spanish giants FC Barcelona last season, and won the Champions League.

Abhijit Mondal (East Bengal vs Pune FC, 2015)

Closer home in India, Abhijit Mondal’s blunder in the I-League in April this year is a definite contender for this list. Mondal, playing for East Bengal, made two mistakes against Pune FC, in the first of which, he failed to catch a routine cross (more in hope than purpose) into the box by right-back Mathew Gonsalves in the 37th minute. The result? Mondal made a hash of it, as they say, tapping the ball into his own net. His second mistake came in the 64th minute, when Mondal, after receiving a backpass from Milan Susak, played it straight into the feet of the Montenegrin striker Darko Nikac, who was barely five yards away. The striker made no mistake and scored Pune’s second goal. However, East Bengal won the match 3-2.

Andy Dibble (Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest, 1989-90)

This is as unusual as it could ever get. One half of the famous Dibble-Crosby incident, the City goalkeeper found himself left embarrassed, as Gary Crosby headed the ball out of Dibble’s hand as it rolled into an empty net. Here’s The Independent on the incident, “Picture the scene. Dibble is playing for Manchester City at Nottingham Forest in 1990 and stands, like a waiter bearing the port, with the ball resting on the palm of his right hand. Before he can release it, Forest’s Gary Crosby appears from behind him, stooping to head the ball before running it into the net. The referee awards a goal. Television carries one man’s indignation and bewilderment around the world."