Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Consumer goods ads hog the top 15 list

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Consumer goods ads hog the top 15 list

September’s best on-air advertisement was the Kurkure commercial. In the run-up to the festive season, the ad, helped by actor Juhi Chawla, was the top scorer at 75 on the ad reach index, with a brand recall of 96%.

There are two runners-up this time—the Boost commercial featuring cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and the Pears ad. Both scored 73 on the ad reach index, with 95% brand recall.

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Thirteen of the ads in the top 15 list in the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey in September belong to the consumer goods category—which boasts of one of the biggest advertising budgets.

Lowe Worldwide’s work on four ads—Clinic Plus, Active Wheel Bar, Pepsodent Germicheck and Fair & Lovely, all Hindustan Unilever Ltd brands—gets due recognition in the survey, which gathers the voices of 852 randomly chosen consumers across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Clinic Plus (which saw another of its ads get the top rank in August) is at No. 4, with an ad reach score of 65. At No. 6 is the Active Wheel Bar commercial, scoring 63 on the ad reach index. The Pepsodent Germicheck spot is at No. 11 and Fair & Lovely is at No. 12.

The Active Wheel Bar and Clinic Plus ads also find place in the top 15 ad diagnostics list.

The Pepsi MyCan ad is at No. 7, with a score of 61 on the ad reach index. The ad has a bunch of cricketers pitting their talent and wit against some young boys. Actor Aamir Khan features in two ads—Coca-Cola (at No. 13) and Parle Monaco (at No. 14).

The Horlicks ad at No. 5 sees a different set of celebrities—former athlete Shiny Wilson and others—extolling the virtues of the health drink. It has 94% brand recall, with an overall score of 64.

The ad diagnostics list is led by a Hindustan Times ad which has an overall score of 98, with respondents giving it 100% on likeability, enjoyment and believability, the softer parameters (the Hindustan Times is published by HT Media Ltd, which also publishes Mint).

1. Kurkure


The doorbell rings. A man opens the door but finds nobody there. It rings again. Irritated, he opens the door to find actor Juhi Chawla, dressed as a child. She ties his shoelaces and runs off. Livid, he chases her, only to trip. The tag line: Full tedhapan in chhota pack (Full quirkiness in a small pack).

2. Boost


Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and a boy are skipping. Tendulkar stops after some time; the boy continues, showing no signs of flagging. Tendulkar is amazed at the boy’s stamina. The boy’s mother says he drinks Boost every day. The voice-over: Boost is the secret of our energy.

3. Pears

McCann Erickson

A mother is bathing her little daughter. To keep the child entertained, she sings to her tales of Babar, Humayun and Akbar. By the end of the bath, the girl has the history down pat. The tag line: Masoom twacha, masoom rishte (Delicate skin, innocent ties).

4. Clinic Plus

Lowe Worldwide

A little girl wants to grow her hair long, and is upset that her working mother doesn’t have the time to care for it, as her mother did for her. She tells her not to go to office. Conscience pricked, her mom finds a solution: Clinic Plus. The tag line: Andar strong, bahar long (Strong inside, long outside).

5. Horlicks


This endorsement for Horlicks comes from mothers such as athlete Shiny Wilson: It’s not enough to be tall, strong and intelligent to be successful. You need the extra bit that comes from Horlicks’ 23 nutrients, say the mothers—and doctors.

6. Active Wheel Bar

Lowe Worldwide

A husband watches as his wife hangs washed clothes to dry. He takes down a shirt and showers his wife with rose petals. In turn, she pulls down another piece of cloth and showers flowers on him. Turns out, the wife washed the laundry with Active Wheel Bar, which imparts a flowery fragrance to clothes.

7. Pepsi MyCan


Some boys challenge cricketers M.S. Dhoni, Virender Sehwag and others, to a cricket match. The prize: a boat full of Pepsi MyCans. The boys hoodwink the cricketers into believing that the cans have sunk. Demoralized, the cricketers leave. The boys rejoice. The tag line: My Pepsi, my way.

8. McDonald’s

Leo Burnett

It’s festival time, and for some people, the stomach is their idol. The background music plays pet puja in the form of an aarti, and a young man tucks into McDonald’s fare. The tag line: Now, McDonald’s new extra value meals start at Rs85.

9. Vodafone

Ogilvy and Mather

Actor Irrfan Khan is making calls to relatives, inviting them to his younger brother’s wedding. He’s irritated that some of the calls stretch unnecessarily, with relatives asking needless questions. The saving grace: Thanks to Vodafone’s new STD rates, he need not worry any more about his phone bill. The tag line: Regional STD at 50p/min.

10. TVS Star City

McCann Erickson

Bike versus man. Cricketer M.S. Dhoni works hard for a good physique, doing 50 push-ups with a young boy sitting on his back. His unimpressed coach, however, points to what he thinks is an example of a good body: the TVS Star City bike, Dhoni’s prized possession.

11.Pepsodent Germicheck

Lowe Worldwide

A team from Pepsodent visits a school to check on the oral hygiene of students. In their test, teeth turn red if they harbour germs. A boy fails the test and is upset. His friend consoles him, saying it’s not him, but his toothpaste that has failed. The tag line: Pass the germ test with Pepsodent.

12. Fair & Lovely

Lowe Worldwide

A girl is upset when she sees her father, a make-up artist, being yelled at by an actor. She asks her father to do her make-up instead. His advice: Lasting beauty comes from Fair & Lovely. The girl heeds his advice and goes on to become a big star, winning an award where she gives all the credit to her father. The tag line: Beauty that lasts forever.

13. Coca-Cola

McCann Erickson

Two girls in search of actor Aamir Khan spot him on TV as one of the animated characters in a video game. To tempt him, they open a bottle of Coke. It works. Khan is off, and out of, the TV in no time. A second character follows him out. The tag line: Open happiness.

14. Parle Monaco

Ogilvy and Mather

Actor Aamir Khan is part of a wedding procession,where the usual excitement and noise is missing. To spice up things, he distributes Monaco biscuits. All at once, the atmosphere turns lively and rocking. The tag line: Life namkeen banaiye (Spice up your life).

15. Amway

Rediffusion Y&R

A montage of people shown enjoying a better life: an elderly man overcomes the pain in his knee joints and climbs stairs with ease, a woman admires herself in the mirror, a boy has grown tall enough to reach a high shelf in his house. The tag line: Amway provides products for beauty, home care, nutrition, personal care.

Graphics by Yogesh Kumar / Mint