Terror casts its shadow over Bollywood

Terror casts its shadow over Bollywood


Mumbai: The guns many have fallen silent after a 60-hour-long battle on Saturday, but the flick of the real life action has left scars on the country’s entertainment industry that will take long to go.

Bollywood, which prides itself for producing the world’s highest number of movies in a year, will find it hard now to draw people back to theatres in the aftermath of the attack that killed nearly 200 lives.

According to media and entertainment industry experts, the country’s film screening business incurred a loss of not less than Rs50 crore during the period Mumbai was under siege.

“After the first night of attack, all the theatres in the city (Mumbai) were closed for two days. The incident has left an impact on other places also, with viewership falling by about 40%," Pyramid Saimira Group Chairman P S Saminathan told PTI.

The size of the theatre business in the country is worth about Rs25 crore per day, he said, adding, “The industry suffered a loss of about Rs50 crore in the last three days in the entire country."

Saminathan said it could take at least four-five months to restore confidence of the audience, as there is hardly any security mechanism in cinema halls.

As on September, Pyramid Saimira had 745 screens across the country, with four of them located in Mumbai itself.

Expressing similar views, Shemaroo Entertainment Director Hiren Gada said: “There is a fear in people’s mind...restoring confidence is the need of the hour. With adequate security and time, common man will again come out in public spaces."

He said the film production business also got affected as shootings were suspended during those three days.