Reviewer: Piyush Pandey

No Clarity : Piyush Pandey


18 Again, a vaginal-tightening cream television commercial by creative agency Curry Nation Brand Conversations Pvt. Ltd, has raised eyebrows. The ad shows a couple doing a sensual dance in the courtyard of their home, much to the amazement of other members of the joint family. It ends with a shot of an elderly couple in the household searching the Web for information on the product.

Your first thoughts on the ad?

The challenge: Ads for such products need to be culturally sensitive.

This ad depicts a stereotype of virginity and how that’s desirable. Could it have been approached in a different manner?

If a brand can advertise for Viagra internationally, then why create a controversy over an ad pertaining to a women’s product? The related issue is if you can allow cosmetic surgery ads, then who are we to decide what a woman does with her body and what products she uses? It comes from the basic logic—it’s my body, I want to do what I want to do with it without offending cultural sentiments.

What are the challenges/limitations of working in an adult product category?

The question is: Will a lady viewer in a tier II or III city be comfortable watching the ad when it appears on TV in the living room where she watches with her family? For such products, the design and execution of the campaign need to be culturally sensitive in communication.

Is the ad riding on the fact that controversial ones tend to get noticed, and quickly?

Fundamentally, there is no problem with the ad being telecast on national TV. Many years ago, when sanitary napkins were being advertised, there were mixed opinions and apprehensions, but over time people realized it was the “need of a woman" and now it is a widely accepted ad.

As told to Aminah Sheikh.