Majority of Indians hoping to catch football world cup on TV

Majority of Indians hoping to catch football world cup on TV

Mumbai: One of the most popular sporting evens in the world, the football world cup will kick off in South Africa on 11 June, and viewers in India are hoping to grab much of that action live.

A Nielsen Global Online Survey indicates that Indians love television when it comes to following the football world cup. Eight in ten, which is close to 81%, Indians would follow the live telecast of the game on the television, 58% would follow the game in the newspaper, and a half almost 51% would watch the games in delayed broadcasts and highlights on television. The survey, was conducted between 8 -26 March 2010 and polled over 27,000 consumers in 55 countries throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the West Asia (Middle East) and North America

Online articles and reports were the next most preferred mode with 35% respondents saying they would use it to follow the game. 34% of respondents said the Internet on mobile phones was also an option to keep up with the matches. Other modes, as picked by the respondents, included online video clips at 30%, online streaming at 28%, radio at 20%, online blogs, chat rooms and forums at 18%, video clips and applications on mobile phones both at 14%, and podcasts at 6%.

“It is interesting to note that increasingly Indians are using the digital medium to following the sports and this could be a great opportunity for advertisers," said Piyush Mathur, president, India, The Nielsen Company. According to the survey, 15% of the Indians surveyed would like to catch all the action live from the stands and intend to travel to South Africa for the games.

When Indians were asked on who they think were the sponsors of football world cup, 39% Indians voted for Adidas, 30% Indians thought that Coca-Cola was the sponsor of the game and 26% believe Castrol to be the sponsors amongst others. “Even before the first teams take to the ground in South Africa, it’s clear that the biggest investors in world cup sponsorship are the ones most strongly associated with the event in consumers’ minds. And the bigger the interest in football, the greater the public’s recognition of who the official sponsors are," added Mathur.

Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa and Sony – four of the six top-level football partner sponsors – are the brands most strongly associated worldwide with the world cup, according to the survey.