Traditional Chinese medicines not to be used in 2008 Olympics

Traditional Chinese medicines not to be used in 2008 Olympics

Beijing: Traditional Chinese herbal medicine would not be used to treat athletes during next summer’s Olympics here to avoid doping problems, organisers of the Games said.

Non-drug traditional Chinese treatments such as accupuncture, cupping and massage would however be used, Dai Jianping, Deputy Director of the Beijing Organising Committee of Olympic Games (BOCOG) said.

"It does not necessarily mean herbal medicine contains provocative substances. As other Olympic host countries haven’t used it before, we chose not to use it," he said.

Beijing Olympics would follow international medical service standards, Dai was quoted as saying by official Xinhua news agency.

He said a 3,000 sq metre poly clinic in the athletes’ village, scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2008, would provide medical services for some 16,000 athletes from across the globe.

A total of 28 dedicated hospitals, 219 venue medical stations and ambulance stations would be used for the health care services and 3,000 medical volunteers, mostly students from medical colleges and institutions, would be trained to provide medical care, along with professional doctors and nurses, he said.