Sony Pix aims to increase market share from 21% to 25%

Sony Pix aims to increase market share from 21% to 25%

New Delhi: Sony Pix, the English movie channel from Multi Screen Media, which began its operations in 2006, aims to increase its market share from 21% to 25% within the next 8-9 months. “Within the next 18-24 months, we should be the number one player with a little over 36% of the market share," said N. P. Singh, chief operating officer of Sony Entertainment Network.

Currently, Star Movies is the number one movie channel, followed by HBO and then Sony Pix.

Sony Pix announced an exclusive partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment through which it will get Indian television premiere rights for exclusively telecasting all the new movies released worldwide by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Multi Screen Media operates as a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. Till now Sony Pictures Entertainment was giving films exclusively to rival channel HBO.

The films released through this partnership will launch in January 2011. These will include some of the recent blockbusters, such as Salt, Resident Evil and Karate Kid to name a few.

The deal is part of a unique initiative called Sony United. “Since it is a key market for Sony Corporation, Sony United is an idea to get all of the company’s varied entities to work closely. Through this deal, Sony Pix will get broadcast rights to some of the recent blockbusters," said Singh.

Currently, Sony Pix library has roughly 250-300 titles. It will be able to add another 100 titles by next year. As part of the agreement, the deal will also grant Sony Pix long=term access to the extensive Sony Pictures Entertainment library.