New Delhi:Like in a twisted plot of a classic thriller film, it is almost impossible to guess which product category Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone is endorsing in the latest advertising campaign of Asian Paints. The film, created by advertising agency Contract, opens on a movie set where Padukone puts on a mask immediately after shooting a scene, leaving the crew perplexed. The film shows the actor wearing the mask everywhere—in the gym and at a party.

As she dons a glamorous gown to walk down the red carpet, the voiceover says that not many people are aware that the air inside our homes can be five times more polluted than the air outside. Here, the viewer is introduced to the product Royale Atmos, a new range of paints offered by Asian Paints Limited.

According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, 13 are in India.

“People recognize that air pollution is having a detrimental effect on their health. At the same time, they remain unaware that indoor air can be even more polluted, as much as five times more. The Asian Paints Royale Atmos is a first of its kind product which will not only beautify the home but also will fight indoor air pollution," said Amit Syngle, president, sales, marketing, technology and head of home improvement at Asian Paints Ltd.

The company claims that Royale Atmos contains activated carbon technology which absorbs various pollutants and bad smells from the air thus giving fresher and cleaner air at home.

“Atmos is a part of company’s Royale range of paints which is a premium category so while we wanted to convey the air purity benefits we did not want to diverge from the fact that consumers buy paints for the decor purpose. Therefore, we have used Deepika in the ad weaving the story around her public image because that’s what excites viewers. So, when she chooses to wear the mask in public it leaves people guessing whether that is a look for her next film or is she hiding something," explained Ashish Chakravarty, chief creative officer, Contract Advertising.

The campaign will be promoted across television, print, outdoor and digital media.

Asian Paints has earlier done a campaign with actor Shruti Haasan for the South market. Unlike the national campaign featuring Padukone, the ad for the South market harps on the problem of indoor air pollution where Haasan is being urged to wear a mask by her family members.

Jaideep Mahajan—national creative head at advertising agency Rediffusion Y&R thinks the Deepika Padukone ad has been well-executed and builds curiosity among consumers, eventually introducing the product with a promising message.

“I think the suspense around why Deepika is walking all around the town in that mask is built nicely. The idea to hide her face by a mask is quite a bold move by the brand when that is what we use the celebrities for. But in this case, it paid off well as it clearly sends out the brand message," he said.

According to Saurabh Uboweja, chief executive at brand consultancy Brands of Desire, using beautiful and fragrant wall paint is a clever idea that is more permanent than deploying space consuming air purifiers.

“I think since it is a premium product, it needs to be first bought and integrated in premium indoor environments before it goes mainstream. Deepika is an apt fit for the role and she carries the premium image well through different acts in the film," he noted.