On the spot | The homemaker in strange avatars

On the spot | The homemaker in strange avatars

Powerful idea, execution is a bit tacky

Bajaj Discover

Lowe Worldwide

A campaign based on a powerful idea. What can you discover about India with a litre of petrol? The campaign takes us to unusual places in India that are within driving distance of civilization.

The advertising works because the examples are genuinely interesting, such as the one which shows a tribe in Gujarat that has distinctly African genealogy. The execution, I am afraid, is a bit tacky, being full of superficial racial stereotypes. But the strength of the idea allows us to overlook that.

The idea wins again, it’s spot on

Birla Sunlife


When celebrities screw up their faces and start pontificating about life’s lessons in an ad, it is usually time to run away to Borivali. As it turns out, Yuvraj Singh does just that in this ad, and it still works. The underlying truth that sportspeople have a really short span of earning and need to worry about life thereafter makes the choice of the celebrity ring absolutely true. The commercial shows restraint by not shooting Singh too often in slow motion and is thus tolerably watchable. The real winner here is, again, the idea, which while not being particularly new, is spot on.

Fake metallic ring as Platinum loses its lustre


Metal Communication

Sterile advertising that seeks to strike an emotional chord. What we hear is the fake metallic ting when clunky cliches collide with vapid ideas. Platinum needs a language, a world view, a reason to be. As it stands, it comes through as gold for the heartless.