Spot Light | Britannia

Thumbs up: Titus Upputuru.


The new ad for Britannia Rusk by Grey India is set in outer space. An astronaut is shocked to see his entire family floating in to share some Britannia Rusk. The ad ends with the tag line Britannia rusk jahaan, family wahaan (Where there’s Britannia Rusk, the family will follow).

What did you think of the ad?

In terms of proposition—people going to any length for a product—it is not new. But I like the ad because it attempts to show a new length. Across many miles. It’s funny also because Indians tend to take stuff along with them when they travel. I remember our family doctor advising me to take bread, pickle, packs of kala chana when I was going to France. He said that will save me a lot of money because Europe is expensive. I laughed. He told me that most Indians pack stuff like that when they travel abroad. So while the idea may not have this insight, it just reminded me of this behaviour.

Does this ad work for the brand?

Space programme: It’s a new take on how far people will go for a product.

What must iconic brands like Britannia do to stay relevant?

I think the times are changing by the second. The choices of audiences are changing all the time. You can’t sit back now and say I know what they want. So yes, what most brands do is keep up. What’s great is how some brands leap out of the now and go and park themselves in the future and invite the audience for a coffee.

Which brand in this food category has managed to do a good job of staying relevant to its audiences?

Britannia is a good example. So is Nestlé. It’s amazing how we grew up on these brands. Nestlé used to be Maggi mostly. Then came the curds. Then the milk. Similarly with Britannia. I used to love those cakes with tutti-frutti. Now my children love them. I think another good example is Cadbury.

As told to Gouri Shah.