New Delhi: Inc. chief executive officer Jeff Bezos agreed to buy the ‘Washington Post’ for $250 million, according to a statement on Tuesday. Here are six reasons why Bezos’s purchase of ‘Washington Post’ is good for the paper.

1. Bezos’ Amazon is a pioneer in selling books online and e-publishing.

2. Bezos himself has shown the kind of technology vision that can future-proof businesses to the extent they can be future-proofed.

3. As his track record at Amazon shows, Bezos is happy to grow a business without obsessing about quarterly numbers.

4. Bezos has the financial resources to do the right thing by the Washington Post newsroom.

5. New, non-traditional media background, owner; hoary media brand. There will surely be a honeymoon period. A long one.

6. And Bezos will be taking it private—the best structure for a media company.