Ad Review

Ad Review

Reviewer: Anand Suspi, creative head, Lintas India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, picks the latest ad for Tata Tea Life—the ad is his own.

Agency: Lintas India Pvt. Ltd

Spot: The spot for Tata Tea Life (a chai with health benefits) is a montage of city life. It captures the excesses of an urban lifestyle, and suggests chai as an antidote. Life mein sab kuchzyaada and, therefore, you need zyaada health.

Why I don’t like it: The concept, ‘overdose of city life’, is refreshing and insightful. With an idea like that, the TVC should have been beautiful. Instead, it looks as if it has been done by a team (me included) of chartered accountants. It tells you facts, and sums up things as clearly as a balance sheet.

How I would have done it: Still beats me. Of course, it could have been shot a lot more beautifully. And meaningfully. Music, casting, graphics, etc. could have been better. But the bigger point is the conversion of a very good idea into a script like this. I am still struggling to figure out what script could have turned this idea into an engaging and memorable film. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

PS: The client has been extra nice and has not held me responsible, but that doesn’t alter the facts.

As told to Gouri Shah