Reviewer: Santosh Padhivi

Consistent: Santosh Padhi.


The new campaign by Ogilvy & Mather India for Fevicol adhesive shows a truck driver with his bride. They seem to be enjoying the drive till a cyclist starts trailing them. They try and shake him off, but fail. The reason becomes clear much later: The back of the truck is stacked with Fevicol canisters.

What did you think of the campaign?

True to expectation, the casting, the music and the production values are very good. To be honest, it has been consistent in all their past films as well. There’s always been a fine flavour of the heartland in all Fevicol films, as is the case with this one.

Benchmarking: This ad may not be in the same league as earlier ones.

What are the qualities of iconic advertisements?

You’ve got to keep bettering your past work. Isn’t it true for all iconic brands? Once you’ve cracked it, the world expects more and more out of you. Be it Altoids, Stella, Adidas and many more. Be it Tendulkar, O&M or Fevicol, the expectations will always be sky high. Like it or not, you have got to keep pushing your limits to meet those expectations for the sake of your audience, your market.

What did you think of the new Fevicol commercial?

It is a great commercial compared with most of the work on TV. But again, this brand is no more in the same space as other brands when it comes to quality advertising. Because it is in a league of its own, having produced inspiring work year after year, I would compare it with their past work.

Over the years, this brand has delivered some very simple and entertaining work, which has not only won the common man’s heart, but is also a common benchmark in the marketing world. From that point of view, I’m not sure if this particular spot falls in the same league. It remains to be seen if this will be long remembered in both the consumer’s mind as well as ours. I have my doubts.

What is your favourite Fevicol advertisement?

One thing they’ve got right from Day 1 is sticking to the sticking territory. Everything around a singular, simple message: It sticks! Some of the ideas were really outstanding and are stuck in my mind. To name a few, the “village bus" and the Virendra Saxena/Katrina Kaif dream TV commercial. I loved the bus one because it’s a simple demo film with great cinematography and great music and also because it looks so real. On the other hand, I drool on the dream one simply because of the sheer storytelling.

As told to Gouri Shah.