There has been a lot of interest in action cameras of late, especially among adventure enthusiasts. And while the GoPro Hero series would be the default choice for many, their 4K-ready variants can set a user back by 30,000. For those on a tight budget, the no-frills Play 2 action camera with 4K recording by Gurugram-based start-up Noise ( 9,999) is an affordable option.

Designed like a matchbox, the Noise Play 2 comes with a 16 MP CMOS sensor, supports EIS (electronic image stabilization) to keep video recordings steady, and has a micro HDMI connector that allows users to stream recordings directly from the camera on to a TV screen.

It packs in a 2-inch touch screen, which can be used as a viewfinder and navigator through the various camera settings. Users can access their video recordings and photographs on Android smartphones via the Noise Play 2 app, free for Android users. The camera is also waterproof, up to 30m, with its protective case. For users who want to wear the camera on their heads, Noise is offering an accessories set with mounts and straps for 3,999.