On the Spot | Lavish production doesn’t mean quality

On the Spot | Lavish production doesn’t mean quality

The year was dominated by one category: telecom. Of the six names I have arrived at after going over the crop of commercials, four come from this category. Of course, the fact that this category produces commercials by the quintal might have something to do with it.

On the other hand, overzealous and profuse production may not always translate into quality. One only has only to look as far as LG and Hyundai and the entire auto industry to confirm that suspicion. Here is the list of the top advertisers of 2008 in no particular order:

ITC Foods for Bingo

Now, zaniness is no longer a new idea given that all confectionery advertising is


Creating youth brands can be a bummer. Either you have a bunch of


The wake-up year for a brand that was drifting along aimlessly. A completely


After years of grandiose and largely empty posturing, 2008 marked a turning


Another truly exceptional year for the brand that knows itself really well, no


Perhaps my favourite of the lot. Advertising is truly powerful not when it tells

There have been turkeys of course, but this is not the time to dwell on those. Here’s hoping 2009 wakes up a few more categories.