Regional TV advertising on the rise: report

Regional TV advertising on the rise: report

According to a report by AdEx India, a division of TAM media research television advertising by the retail sector has risen by 40% during the period January-Oct0ber 2008as compared to the same period in 2007.

Of this entire rise, ‘Independent Retailers’ garnered a high share of 89% of overall advertising of retail sector during this period.

Pantaloons Retail India Ltd spent the largest share on TV advertisement that amounted to 10%, followed by Chennai Siks Group at 6% and Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd and Sarvana stores at 5%.

A number of new advertisers shed money on this form of publicity. Hot Spot and Hash 10 Telecom Pvt Ltd, the new cell phone retail chains were top among such companies.

Charts show that 73% of these companies prefer advertising on regional channels than national ones.

Tamil Nadu has the largest visibility of such ads, followed by Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, states where regional programmes have a wider audience.

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