When will India emulate Thailand?

When will India emulate Thailand?

Compared to the rest of the world, Indian advertisements have always lacked quality and, more often than not, the agency passes on this blame to the director, producer, photographer and, sometimes, even the client. Lack of finishing often happens because we tend to get satisfied very quickly. Fake praise and applause often add to this mess.

Today, work coming out of Thailand is being appreciated all over the world. The country isn’t among those enjoying an economic boom. In fact, agencies in Thailand work under stricter constraints.

Yet, directors and creative workers there are ranked among the best in the world. And it’s not just the humour, they are also good with emotions. One of the most emotional commercials I have seen lately is a ‘car crash’ script for the client Bangkok Insurance. Even print ads that come out of this land excel in execution.

Moreover, their editing studios, photographers, image retouching experts and computer graphic craftsmen deliver such great output that even Indian agencies often visit Thailand to execute their ideas.

What’s surprising is that this region is heavily influenced by Indian culture and this is very visible in their advertisements. Compared to Thailand, our ad industry has reached a stage where manpower is widely available, clients are willing to back bigbudget films and brands are looking for fresh perspectives. But, we seriously lack quality in our output.

Let’s not stick to those old-fashioned, Bollywood-style scripts. Let’s break away from the nonsense as we take our rightful stand in world advertising. It is time we learn not from the West but from the East. It’s time we look into our own culture, a culture rich in history.

And if you feel creative workers from Thailand are excelling because their offices are located among a flourishing flesh trade centre, perhaps it’s time we moved to Kamathipura.

Coordinated by Anushree Chandran

Santosh Padhi is executive creative director, Leo Burnett.