Hollywood studios sue Chinese website, cafe

Hollywood studios sue Chinese website, cafe

Beijing: Five major Hollywood studios have sued a Chinese movie online service and an internet cafe for allegedly providing pirated film download service to internet users and demanded a compensation of $4.3 lakh.

Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Universal City Studios have filed the suits against Beijing-based Jeboo.com and a Shanghai internet cafe, saying they violated the copyrights of the companies.

Jeboo.com made the software and the internet cafe used it to offer movie download service, they said in their suits, official Xinhua news agency reported.

Among the 13 films distributed without authorisation cited by the studios included Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Charlie’s Angles 2, X-Men 2 and Night at the Museum.

The studios demanded 3.2 million yuan ($432,000) in compensation in their copyright law suits filed in the Intermediate People’s Court in Shanghai which will hear the case on 29 November.

Jeboo.com claims to be China’s biggest movie download provider, with a database of nearly 30,000 films and TV series with online certificates.

“All the audio and video products on Jeboo.com are provided by our partners. Jeboo.com has the right to provide download service through the internet for them according to contracts signed between Jeboo.com and our partners," the copyright statement of Jeboo.com said.