Ad Review | Half-done humour spoils the pitch

Ad Review | Half-done humour spoils the pitch

Ad: Fastrack Eye Gear from Titan Industries Ltd

Agency: Lintas India Pvt. Ltd


Prasanna Sankhe, national creative director, Publicis Ambience Advertising, picks the latest campaign from Fastrack Eye Gear, the eyewear brand from Titan Industries Ltd.


The ad spot for Fastrack eyewear features actor John Abraham cruising down a road on his bike, on a windy day. When his eyes start watering, he stops the bike, and a background track kicks in: “Lost in the wind as I cruise by, and I cry, cry, cry". That’s when a man comes by and dabs the tears off Abraham’s face and offers him a pair of sunglasses. The ad ends with the line, “Bikers don’t cry!"

Why I don’t like it:

After seeing the “Bikers don’t cry!" advertisement for Fasttrack Eye Gear, the first thing that came to my mind was that if the brand had decided to take the humorous approach, why did they stop mid-way? The ad film could have been made more interesting by taking it to an extremely funny level. With a celebrity like Abraham, you don’t particularly have to worry about making the product look good. You can either use him for the “sexy cool look" that the icon portrays so well, or use his comic capabilities to the full as has been done in several Bollywood movies.

How I would have done it:

The insight of tears rolling out of the eyes of bikers is nice, but I cannot comprehend why they had to make a song out of it. A very interesting campaign could have evolved around this insight. Personally, having worked on fashion products such as Wrangler, Lee and Lakme, I feel new ideas in the fashion, apparel and accessories category should not come at the expense of the ad not looking good.

As told to Gouri Shah