International faces on the catwalk

International faces on the catwalk

New Delhi: The Delhi Fashion Week this year saw an unprecedented number of international models on the catwalk. Katrina Cope, a 5’11" model from South Africa has set foot on Indian soil for the first time. She and eight other international models made up about 25% of the total number of models at the fashion event.

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It is a great opportunity for the models to increase their “international" labels, although they get paid up to 50% less in India than other international assignments. “For me, the experience pays more than any amount of money. That’s what’s important to me," says Cope.

It is the Indian designers who had requested international models to showcase their clothing lines on the ramp. "The only difference between an international and national model is maybe the level of exposure and professionality", says fashion designer Rajvi Mohan. "They [international models] understand fashion is a business. The senior [Indian] models get it too, and they’re not just here for the brag factor," she adds.

Fashion Foundation of India consultant Sumeet Nair says it makes business sense to have people of all colors represent the fashions. "We shouldn’t be one-dimensional", says.Nair. "We should be multifaceted because we have buyers from all over the world and I think when your show your fashions on models who come from different parts of the world, I think buyers can get a better idea of how it will look in their own country."

With the work ethics they bring to the backstage environment and the fresh look they bring to the ramp having impressed both designers and organizers, the international faces are likely to become more common at future fashion events in the country.