Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Banking on innovative ideas

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | Banking on innovative ideas

The top on-air advertisements in April, according to the Mint-Synovate-TVAd Indx survey, is the Cadbury Perk commercial, with a 100% score on brand recall.9554e34a-24da-11dd-be80-000b5dabf613.flv

Santosh Desai shares his thoughts on the Cadbury Perk commercial

Most of the advertisement leading the April survey — with the exception of spots such as Sunsilk Black with actor Priyanka Chopra, at No. 4, and Castrol Magnatec with cricketers Rahul Dravid and Adam Gilchrist, at No. 14—banked on innovative ideas instead of celebrity endorsements to catch viewer interest, and succeeded most of the time.

The casting, the timing, the acting and, above all, the narrative won applause from both critics and consumers.

In contrast, the Top 2 commercials in March featured Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, gaining possibly from his brand name, while the Coca-Cola ad, at No. 4, had Hrithik Roshan touting the soft drink’s ability to spread joy.

The survey, which analyses responses from 750 randomly chosen viewers across the three metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, shows that humour, as seen in the Cadbury Perk ad, still works.

If the Subhiksha Mobile spot spells out the idea in bold numbers, and not letters, the Frooti Cool Mango commercial brings home the point that eating mangoes is passé, in not so many words.

In eighth place, the Surf Excel ad presents an update on the stains-are-good campaign. Creative interpretation brings the UTI Mutual Funds ad alive—weaving the language of investment into everyday conversation.

For Pratap Suthan, national creative director at Cheil Communications, Mahalingam in the Virgin Mobile service ad took the brand thought to a new level. “When you have such an incisive and rich strategy, life is but a crisis of plenty for the creative ilk," he says.

The Virgin Mobile service spot, too, had a brand recall of 100%, but came in at 11th place in the survey, based on the ad reach score.

However, our expert, Santosh Desai, says: April has been exceptionally disappointing “if the selection of commercials is anything to go by", with “an incessant supply of hideously bad work", as he puts it.

With the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches having started in April and continuing through May, the IPL commercials — DLF Universal Corporate and DLF Universal Sony-Max—definitely grabbed eyeballs. But, that wasn’t enough to get them among the Top 5.

However, it is still not the end of that story. Let’s see what the numbers say next month.

Finally, what Suthan said about the purpose of advertising is definitely worth a thought. “We can only create advertising that makes people like or even love a brand. Nothing more... People have to first open up to the advertising, before they open up their wallets."