Book Review | Gender Stereotypes in Corporate India

Book Review | Gender Stereotypes in Corporate India

New Delhi: Sujoya Basu’s new research-based book Gender Stereotypes in Corporate India: A Glimpse needs not just an open mind but an unconventional mind that can be more receptive to the roadmap she outlines for gender-management in corporate India.

The book makes an honest admission — gender stereotypes do exist across the spectrum in ways that could be offensive and non-offensive. First person accounts highlight how in different forms it obstructs and creates hindrances to a woman’s rise to senior management positions at the workplace.

The author calls for legislative interventions that go beyond corporate boardrooms and project teams. It talks of bringing a change in the education system where boys and girls are allowed to take joint responsibility in thought, action and deed. The bottomline is to ensure that there is a positive approach to the subject of gender and inclusion.

The book will find an immediate audience among scholars, academicians and members of corporate India. And ofcourse amongst women executives who are seeking answers to different dimensions of this issue.

By the time the last page of the book is turned, many readers would have converted to having a ‘gender neutral’ stance.

‘Gender Stereotypes in Corporate India: A Glimpse’ published by Sage Publications is priced at Rs295