Top of the Mind Ad Survey | The year Airtel found its voice

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | The year Airtel found its voice

This is not the time to dwell on turkeys, says our expert Santosh Desai. And so, the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey brings the campaigns in the past year which had the right formula to capture the hearts and minds of the consumer.

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In 2008, Cadbury Perk stood out as the best on-air commercial—the only commercial with a brand recall of 100%. But surprisingly, it found no place in the list of Top 10 ads based on ad diagnostics. It was the Titan ad, ably supported by Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, which won the sweepstakes here.

Only the Airtel ad found a place in both the lists. And according to Desai, 2008 was a turning point for the brand. “The R. Madhavan-Vidya Balan commercials kicked off this new-found intimacy of expression that the brand lacked."

This year saw a range of ads from the best creative minds in the advertising industry. From liberally using celebrities to endorse brands to messages laced with humour and romance, they left no stone (and emotion) unturned to create an impact.

Cadbury Perk

Ogilvy and Mather

A castaway tries to build a crude boat to escape from the island he is

Pepsi My Can


Ranbir Kapoor, while trying to get into Deepika Padukone’s house, attracts

Kurkure Xtreme


Juhi Chawla has Kurkure, which leaves her craving for more. She spots a

Airtel (STD)

Rediffusion Y& R, Young and Rubicam

A follow-up to an earlier ad, R. Madhavan , who’s away on work, calls up his

Airtel+Nokia/Lifetime prepaid


A cross section of people putting their hands over their hearts is followed