OK Tata, bye bye Zoozoos

OK Tata, bye bye Zoozoos

Animation characters promoting different features of a telecom service are back at the top of the ad ratings index. Only this time it isn’t the Zoozoos, which ruled the index for months promoting Vodafone Essar Ltd.

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Ads for Tata DoCoMo, Tata Teleservice Ltd’s GSM-based mobile phone service, occupy the first four slots on the ad reach index—which measure awareness and brand recall—for June, according to a Mint-Synovate survey.

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The survey covered 771 respondents from high-income groups in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Each of the four Tata DoCoMo ads promotes a different feature or service of the operator, including reaching customer care by pressing a single number, pay per second on national and international roaming, pick-and-choose payment plans and free customer care calls. Three of them are animations.

Overall, the top 10 ads for June have performed better than the top 10 in May on the ad reach index. Five ads have clipped scores of 80-plus, compared with just one in May. But brand recall, one of the criteria for the index, went down in June—only two ads scored 100% compared with three in May. Surprisingly, despite doing well in the overall ad reach index, the June ads fare poorly on ad diagnostics, a measure of how much they are liked, enjoyed and believed.

All the top nine ads in May had ad diagnostics scores of 90-plus; in June, the top ad scores 81 on this index, the rest are in the 70s and 60s. The four Tata DoCoMo ads are among the top five in this table, along with an ad for Pepsodent Germicheck toothpaste.

Likeability levels are high for the top ads on this index, with the top five scoring in the 80s. But ad performance was average in terms of believability and claim, with most of them notching up scores in the 70s and 60s.

Tata DoCoMo


The Tata DoCoMo ad which grabbed the top slot shows an animated orange character jumping one hurdle after another till it comes to one it can’t jump over. The line on the screen reads: Why go through multiple levels to get help? Press 9 anytime to speak to our customer care. Only fair, isn’t it ?