Top of the Mind Ad Survey | A chocolate break from telecom ads

Top of the Mind Ad Survey | A chocolate break from telecom ads

An advertisement for Nestlé KitKat, a chocolate-coated wafer, took the top honour in the Mint-Ipsos-TVAdIndx survey for December, beating commercials from telecom service providers for the first time in three months.

Three other advertisements of food and beverage brands found a place among the top 10 on the ad reach index that measures ad awareness and brand recall among consumers.

A commercial for, an Indian Internet deals provider, featured in the top 10 of the ad reach index for the first time at No. 6.

The survey polled 760 respondents from high-income groups in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Nestlé’s top advertisement scored two points more than the Vodafone 123 ad, which topped the rankings in November. Five of the top 10 ads in December scored more than 60 points on the ad reach index compared with seven last month.

December’s top 10 ads scored 79-60 points on the diagnostics index, compared with 81-57 in the previous month.

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Nestlé KitKat


The No. 1 ad shows a class in progress. Bored, a student switches on a mini tape recorder, opens a packet of KitKat and takes a bite. To his surprise, he sees two birds dancing to the tune of a Hindi movie song atop the teacher’s bouffant—everyone else is just too busy to take note. The voice-over explains: Maana ki life busy hai, par kabhi-kabhi break lo, KitKat khao, kya pata agla pal tumhare liye kya le aaye? (Agreed that life is busy, but take a break sometimes, eat a KitKat, who knows what the next moment has in store for you?). Tag line: Have a break, Have a KitKat.

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