Log in for a party invite

Log in for a party invite

New Delhi: No new year party invites yet? Don’t despair, just log in to a social networking web site and pick your choice of parties you want to attend. Event management companies have posted invites for new year parties on social networking websites.

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/Content/Videos/2008-12-26/2512_Facebook party_MINT_TV.flvc6e1c388-d28b-11dd-ad10-000b5dabf636.flv“The audience that we are trying to hit for this particular event is basically in the age-group of say 18-30 and thats where facebook holds its major presence", says, Rajat Vohra, Director, White Shark Entertainment.

White Shark’s Twisted Addiction bash will see at least 600 invitees, many of whom have paid up to Rs8000 to be part of the fun. The entire publicising of the event has happened through Facebook. Its not just a smart way to connect with the youth but also free advertising that is attracting these companies to various social networking sites.

"If we were to advertise it, it would’ve been through newspapers and newspapers are terribly expensive these days. We have engaged in other avenues also like the on-ground marketing, then there are pamphlets but people don’t really read them, but Facebook is one thing that creates an impact", he adds.

Inviting people through social networking sites ensures a certain class of people who would turn up for the party says Karan Vohra, Moderator of Twisted Addiction. "We can go through their profile and we know who they are. We are not just getting any random guy."

Reason why advertising through social networking web sites could be one addiction that’s spreading among event managers.