New York: Walt Disney Co.’s latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi film is on track to post the second-biggest box office one-day takings on record, behind only its predecessor in the space saga.

Sales for The Last Jedi will be between $99 million and $104 million on Friday, and over its first three days the film should rake in between $195 million and $215 million, Disney said in an emailed statement. That would make it just the second film to pass $100 million in a single day behind The Force Awakens.

The earlier movie holds the record for single-day revenue thanks to pent-up demand, since it was the first film in the series in a decade.

The Last Jedi has been opening worldwide this week with the exception of China, where it debuts 5 January. The takings so far are in line with Disney expectations. The Force Awakens holds the current record for opening-weekend sales outside the US with $281 million. Bloomberg