New Delhi: After waging a war on corruption through citizen activism in the decade-long Jaago Re campaign, Tata Tea is highlighting the need for gender equality in its new spot. The tea brand launched the second leg of the campaign as Jaago Re 2.0 in February this year.

Made by advertising agency Mullen Lintas, the new 50-second television spot opens with a young girl asking her mother for permission to go out and play badminton with her brother. The mother refuses permission and asks her to help with the housework. The brother, on the other hand, is encouraged to go out and play with his father.

The film ends with a message “Inequality gets learnt, equality needs teaching", urging viewers to “preact" and pledge support to teaching gender sensitivity.

Through the campaign, the company wants to make consumers aware of small instances of gender inequality that can take place even at home. It wants to hold a mirror to the day-to-day lives to highlight how, as a society, we treat girls and women differently, sometimes simply because we are conditioned to do so.

“Pre-activism is about nipping the problem in the bud. In this phase, we are aiming to create over one million pre-activists who will sign the petition and pledge to bring about a real change," said Sushant Dash, regional president-India of Tata Global Beverages that owns Tata Tea

In addressing issues as pressing as crimes against women, we need to bring about a shift in attitude and teach young children to respect all genders. Therefore, gender sensitization at grassroot levels is critical to bring a wave of change and create a more gender-equitable society,".

Apart from leveraging mediums like television, print, outdoor and digital, the tea brand is also urging people to sign the petition, requesting the human resource development ministry to make gender sensitization compulsory in schools. Consumers can sign the petition through the Jaago Re website

“Since we have built the second leg of Jaago Re campaign on the concept of ‘pre-activism’ (acting before an untoward event happens) we want to start the conversation of gender equality from an early age at home as well as schools," said Shriram Iyer, national creative director, Mullen Lintas.

The brand’s upcoming campaign will focus on the diminishing importance of sports in the education system of the country.

Jagdish Acharya, founder and creative head at advertising agency Cut The Crap, feels that Jaago Re campaign is a stellar example of how a brand can let go of obvious branding opportunities and keep the communication focused.

To his mind, gender sensitivity is a logical step-up from corruption in the Jaago Re journey.“While corruption is a public punching bag—anybody can take a dig at it—gender sensitivity lies in the private space and requires empathy for action. In that sense Jaago Re has earned its spurs to connect with people directly. I believe that connecting is the first step to bringing about a change," he said.

However, he added, the campaign is well executed and makes the point clear. His only gripe is the way the mother is portrayed as the culprit in the TV spot. “The ad almost chooses to absolve the other parent. A case of gender insensitivity on the part of the writer perhaps?" he quipped.