Reviewer: Joy Mohanty

In a career spanning 21 years, Joy Mohanty, national creative director at Publicis Capital, has worked on brands such as Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki Scooters and Motorcycles, LG Home and Apollo Tyres. In the past, he has worked at agencies such as FCB Ulka, Bates Clarion, Leo Burnett and Contract India.


Amul’s latest ad campaign by DaCunha Communication Pvt. Ltd is part of a series for the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation. The ad shows a father and daughter entering a barber shop. The father chooses the avval No. mooch (No.1 moustache) from the barber’s list and sits on the chair. In the meantime, his daughter starts sipping from a bottle of Amul lassi, which leaves a trail of the liquid on her upper lip, making it look like a moustache. She picks up her father’s helmet and walks out of the barber shop. The men in the shop stare at her in wonder. The ad ends with the barber giving the “Amul Mooch" the top spot on his list of offerings. Tag line: Mooch nahi toh kuch nahi (If you don’t have a moustache, you are nothing).

You first thoughts on the campaign?

Joy Mohanty
Joy Mohanty

There is too much of heritage to brand Amul, across mediums. Isn’t this a smart drift from what Amul traditionally stands for?

Heritage can always be repurposed, and new points of engagement can be sought even in old relationships. While the brand seeks to disrupt and delight through the commercial, one feels they’re trying too hard.

What do you decipher from the little schoolgirl’s presence in the campaign?

Perhaps the intent was to use her and her choice as a symbol of courage, and making an unconventional choice, as the mooch is a symbol of manliness. I wonder, though, whether the little girl needs a traditional male symbol for validation of her gutsiness.

What would you have done differently?

The milk moustache is an area already explored by milk brands. I would have looked for another way to connect courage/ coming-of-age with milk/lassi.

What’s your favourite Amul campaign?

I simply love the “utterly butterly delicious". I wish I had written some of those. I remember an ad after Chetan Sharma got knocked out for a last ball six by (Javed) Miandad at Sharjah. It said, Mian ke daad se Sharma gaye. There were many, many others, even recently.