Bengaluru: India has the third largest population of smartphone users in the world and the device is clearly altering shopping and browsing behaviour in consumers.

Market researcher Nielsen India revealed how gender divide alters usage of smartphones and applications across markets. Men and women showed remarkable diffeences in their use of the device. While men spend far more time playing games, women consume more music and video content. Surprisingly, men outdid women when measured on usage of shopping applications in some markets.

A quick look at some of the top smartphone usage trends:

** Men spend 162 minutes on their smartphone each day on an average--13 minutes more than women.

** In 2014, 43% of male smartphone users opted for shopping apps on their devices, compared with 38% women (Dec 2014). By 2015, the gap narrowed with 55% for men and 52% for women (May 2014). Men in mini metros and larger cities spend more time on shopping apps than women.

** However, at 119 minutes, women spend more minutes per month browsing shopping apps compared with men, who spend about 103 minutes.

** Men in India spend 8.5 hours on average each month playing games such as Teen Patti, Indian Poker, Indian Rummy and Clash of Clans. Women spend fewer hours, about six hours per month on games such as Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2.

** Only 20% of Indian women are active on data-enabled smartphones.

** Women in India consume more media (music and videos) than men on their smartphones, spending 40% more time on music streaming apps and 50% more time on video streaming apps than their male counterparts.

** Women spend 1.8 times less time than men browsing the Internet on smartphones. Their counterparts in countries like Indonesia and Japan spend 1.5 times longer than men on browsing.

** Women in India spend nearly 1.3 times longer chatting than men every month, primarily on WhatsApp.

** News apps generally have lower engagement vis-à-vis their penetration, said Nielsen. Data show men use more news apps than women (3x more engaged than women). While men spend about 18 minutes per day browsing news app, women spare just about five minutes.

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